Our Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

• We offer regular solar panel cleaning services in South East Queensland to increase the efficiency of your solar panels
• We handle solar panel cleaning jobs of any size, from small residential projects to large industrial jobs

Chemical Free Cleaning

• We use safe, chemical free cleaning methods and an advanced reverse osmosis system before using a de-ionization system to ensure a streak free clean without leaving any residue or harmful chemicals behind
• We use the latest in Gardiner carbon fiber pole and specialised solar cleaning brush heads to ensure exceptional results every single time

High Pressure water cleaning

Ask about concrete driveway, patio or pool surrounds cleaning when booking your panel clean

Gutter Cleaning

We offer a full gutter cleaning and inspection service, including waste removal and condition report upon completion

Now you have your solar power generator system

Schedule regular cleaning to maximise the systems ability to convert solar energy to electricity to run your home and business

How much grime builds up on your panels

Look at the roof of your car and that is what can build up on your solar panels. Rain is not enough to keep your car clean so why would it be enough for your expensive asset that is sitting on your roof.