Solar Panel Cleaning


Our company is fully trained and insured to clean Solar Panels, offering you complete peace of mind. We are able to clean both roof and ground mounted solar arrays with ease.

Manufacturers DO NOT recommend the use of harmful chemicals or detergents to clean Solar Panels. However, they do encourage solar panels to be cleaned every six to twelve months, especially before the onset of summer and winter. Manufacturers also agree that regular cleaning will preserve their limited warranty and maintain optimum output performance of the solar modules.

Purified Water

We use a 100% Pure Water fed pole system, with NO need for harmful chemicals or detergents; it is an Eco-Friendly cleaning process delivered to you both safely and efficiently.

The harshness of untreated water can leave marks behind containing mineral deposits, especially in hard water areas. Untreated water marks can actually attract dirt as well as being an inefficient cleaning process.

Our Eco-Friendly cleaning process has excellent results that ensures you are getting the most out of your solar PV System.

Experience Matters

How often

Every solar array is unique and depending upon different environmental factors will therefore determine the frequency of each clean. Special attention should be given to solar arrays situated in dustier areas, for example; near farmland, the beach or next to a main road. These solar Systems will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build up will be considerably more and the larger the array, the bigger the loss of return is for the owner.

Google’s Solar Panel Cleaning Research

In California, technology giant Google has a 1.6 mW solar panel installation. The research they carried out on their own equipment reached a clear conclusion that dirty solar panels will have a negative impact on their performance. Fifteen months after their solar panel array had been installed, they experimented with solar panel cleaning. After the first session of solar panel cleaning, their output doubled on some solar panels. Eight months later, they had their second session of solar panel cleaning and the solar panel efficiency increased again by 32%.